Monday, July 6, 2009

Get Your Horse On!

Welcome to Horse Face.

For those not yet initiated into the tradition of Horse Face, please take the time to become acquainted.

With somewhere in the range of 30-40 Horse Face Appreciation collectives present on Facebook (as well as a number of Horse Face hatred splinter groups), Horse Face is well and truly becoming a global phenomenon.

The perfect party-lifter when conversation dries up, simply pull out a camera, declare 'Horse Face' and watch as your evening lifts into the hilarious realm of Horse Face shenanigans.

To create great horse face and good times:

1) Get a camera
2) Tell subject to blow air through closed lips, propel them with fury (noise created should be akin to that of a horse). Ensure puffed out cheeks for maximum teeth exposure
3) Voila. Hopefully you got your horse on.

Laugh collectively over bizarre and hilarious facial distortions.

Send in your favourite Horse Face pics to Mr Ed @ and be proud!